Thor Ahlgren is certified according to ISO-9001 and IATF-16949. 

We manufacture products for customers with high demands and expectations. The business and its processes must be designed and conducted so that our customers gain added value by using Thor Ahlgren AB as a long-term partner. The products must be delivered on time and produced with a goal towards zero deviations.


Regarding the external environment, Thor Ahlgren has been certified according to ISO-14001 since 2003. We have worked actively during these years to improve our impact on the external environment.


CO2 emissions are the main reason for global climate change. Thus, today we work actively to reduce our CO2 footprint in our business.

For real-time information regarding CO2-eq/kWh per ocuntry in the world, please visit the following website:


Together with position green, we have produced a report of our CO2 footprint. The report is based on the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG) and includes three different scopes: 

Scope 1: includes all direct CO2 emissions from our business

Scope 2: includes indirect CO2 emissions from purchased energy

Scope 3: includes all other CO2 emissions from activities we do not currently have control over ourselves. 

We can report CO2 footprint at article level, feel free to ask us!


These set out the basic principles and values ​​we want Thor Ahlgren to have. 

The policies are our guidance to constantly become a better and safer company for employees and customers.



Thor Ahlgren is working according to the new waste directive to reduce the proportion of products that contain particularly dangerous substances and promote substitution. We follow the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s directive.


Thor Ahlgren takes producer responsibility and reports annually to FTI / REPA the amount of packaging material we use in our business.


We use only fossil-free renewable electricity in our operations. The heating takes place through electricity and recovery of heat from our machines


We guarantee that our products are delivered in accordance with current REACH regulations and RoHS directives.

Conflict minerals

We meet the requirements regarding conflict minerals and do not trade in minerals with a connection to conflict-affected areas.

Agenda 2030 and the global targets for sustainable development

Agenda 2030, with 17 global goals for sustainable development, aims to eradicate poverty and hunger, realize human rights for all, achieve equality and empowerment for all women and girls, and ensure lasting protection for the planet and its natural resources. 

At Thor Ahlgren, we have selected 6 goals to work with and which we have concluded to be most relevant to our business and which we can directly influence:


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