A given supplier since 1918

Hard is soft

We see steel as something soft and malleable. Because even though steel itself is hard, it is almost as fragile as an egg during work. The softness is also expressed in our values ​​as we have an active approach to sustainability.

Sustainability & CO2

Take responsibility for a more sustainable world and future we see as something completely natural. Sustainability covers several different areas, such as sustainable business, financial sustainability, and a healthy and good working environment for our employees. Then of course our external environment which is a cornerstone. Today we measure our CO2 footprint and can report this at article level.

Fine Blanking

Fine blanking of products with requirements for functional surface and tight tolerances.


Punching of complex or simple products in several different metals


Pressing and punching of advanced products with precision in shape, depth and surface

Laser cutting & Milling

Figure cutting in sheet metal with the opportunity for after- treatment in a milling machine.

An easy choice to choose us, just sayin.

How many companies can show experience since 1918?

100 years of production makes us a complete and the obvious choice as a supplier from prototype to series production


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